An Important Announcement from Auto Safety House to all Mohave Members

Auto Safety House was recently awarded the Contract for New and Used Bus sales, Parts and Service work at all 3 ASH locations in Arizona. The new contract number is 18F-ASH-0904 and will take effect on September 4, 2018.

There is new information pertaining to how your Purchase Order is made out.

W. W. Williams Company, LLC. dba Auto Safety House

If your Purchase Order is not exactly as it appears above, Mohave will not approve the Purchase Order.

All current purchase orders issued for the 2019 Fiscal Year must be revised to include the new contract number 18F-ASH-0904 and be correctly issued to the company name of W.W. Williams Company, LLC. dba Auto Safety House.

This is a 5-year contract renewable annually between W W Williams Company, LLC, dba Auto Safety House and Mohave Educational Services Cooperative (Mohave).

If there are any questions about any part of the Mohave Contract, please call your local ASH location.

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