Sortimo by Knapeide

Sortimo by Knapheide provides innovative mobile storage solutions. Regardless of whether your vehicle fleet size is one or one hundred, a comprehensive selection of work vehicle storage solutions is crucial, so you have access to the right product for your application.

The Exxpand line of commercial van interiors includes readily available van shelving, van partitions, van accessories, and vocational van interior packages. The Boxxes are mobile and organized storage bins that can store large tools down to small fasteners and everything in between. Fleet and Custom Products encompass a wide variety of storage solutions compatible with many different commercial vehicle platforms and all Fleet and Custom Products can be highly customized to suit specific applications. 


Van Shelving That Provides The Foundation For Van Interior Organization

Does your cargo van need shelving that features a modular design and creates organizational solutions tailored for your business? Look to the lightweight and durable van shelves: Shelf Staxx and Flexx Rack. The modern appearances of Shelf Staxx and Flexx Rack van shelving compliments both the current and new generation of commercial cargo vans.

Shelf Staxx is a unique van shelving system constructed of alternative materials that minimally impacts the available payload for your commercial cargo van, enabling you to carry more. The base Shelf Staxx van shelving packages come equipped with a row of Sortimo S-Boxxes, which serve both as van drawers and mobile toolboxes, giving you more value and function. A variety of van storage bins, van accessories, van partitions, and van packages can be used in conjunction with Shelf Staxx van shelving for further customization.

Flexx Rack is a modular, drop-down van shelving and cargo management system all-in-one. It has been developed especially for the requirements of courier, express, and parcel delivery service providers.




Van Partitions To Protect Occupants

Van Partitions divide the cargo van into two distinct zones, the cab, which doubles as a mobile office, and the cargo area for storing tools, equipment, and parts. In the event of an unplanned stop or collision, the cargo van partition provides a barrier between the driver and any occupants in the cab from the contents in the cargo area.

Protexx van partitions are durable yet lightweight, constructed of an ABS thermoformed material to provide protection yet minimally impact payload. Sortimo by Knapheide has a comprehensive line-up of van bulkheads, including models for compact and full-size cargo vans as well as van partitions with and without a window and with and without a pass-through door. They have a true OEM appearance and reduce noise that is heard in the cab coming from the cargo area.




Van Storage Bins For Increased Organization & Mobility

Sortimo Boxxes are the most innovative and functional series of van storage bins available. Boxxes van storage bins serve dual purposes acting both as a drawer and mobile storage. Slide the van storage bins out on the provided tracks to quickly grab a part or remove it completely from the shelf so you can carry multiple tools to the job site with one hand.

Choose from a variety of van storage bins to accommodate your needs. There are Boxxes designed to store efficiently nearly any piece of hardware, part, or tool you may carry within your cargo van. From small components to large power tools, van storage bins can help you increase your organization and mobility.




Accessorize Your Cargo Van With The Right Axxessories

Customize your cargo area and van interior system with the right van accessories for your application. Van accessories offer increased functionality and Sortimo by Knapheide offer a variety of “Axxessories” for a multitude of different vocations including plumbing, electrical, HVACR, general contracting, service, and more. The vast line-up of available van accessories include drawers, dividers, cabinets, holders, cargo management, and much more. Most van accessories from Sortimo by Knapheide can be easily and quickly added to the van shelving panels for a stress-free upgrade.

Choose one or several van accessories to customize your cargo van interior and maximize productivity on the job.





ProPaxx Cargo Van Packages For Your Profession

ProPaxx van packages are not a “one size fits all” approach. They feature a collection of vocational specific storage modules and accessories easily added to existing base van packages. These pre-configured van packages have been compiled with much input from professionals within the service/contracting, HVACR/plumbing, and electrical trades.

Every vocation requires different tools, equipment, and parts so why should you settle for a cookie cutter standard package? Choose a ProPaxx van package from Sortimo by Knapheide to take your van interior to the next level.



Van Drawers Provide Robust Storage and Organization

Are you looking for plenty of storage for your heavy or bulky materials in your commercial van package? MAXX van drawers from Sortimo by Knapheide offer large, ergonomic handles for easy opening and closing, even under the most rugged loads. These modular van storage solutions can be mounted side-by-side or stacked near vehicle openings to provide quick access to the tools and equipment you need.

MAXX drawers offer a durable, floor-mounted storage solution for your commercial van to make your job easier and more efficient than ever.



Auto Safety House is the EXCLUSIVE dealer for Sortimo by Knapheide in Arizona.

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