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MyBus® - SRW, DRW041, DRW051

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Today you will transport future teachers, soccer stars and scientists. When you travel safely to and from childcare or reach your mission trip destination, you're not just driving, you're supporting dreams and building futures. And, while that's a big task, MyBus® is built to handle it. With features like Saf-T-Vue windows, exterior guardrails and roof crash rails, you get the safety features of a school bus, with the driving and maintenance ease of a van. Holds up to 30 passengers. Acts much bigger.





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    • 73" interior headroom
    • Thermal and waterproof insulation
    • Dash and rear A/C and heat
    • Tinted windows and glass
    • Interior dome lights
    • Comfort driver seat and armrest






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    • Driver control panel placed overhead allows greater visibility through windows as children load
    • Manual 24" x 72" glass panel entrance door
    • 360-square-inch Saf-T-Vue window
    • 42" x 47" glass panel rear emergency door
    • Euro-styled exterior safety mirrors
    • 6" x 16" interior rear view mirror with padded edges


    • School bus chassis equipment package
    • All steel safety cage body construction
    • Exterior guard rails
    • Two roof crash rails for rollover protection
    • As an MFSAB vehicle, MyBus meets the same Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) as school buses, but is not required to have stop arms or traffic control lights and, in most states, is not required to be yellow
    • Daytime running lights
    • LED exterior marker and clearance lamps
    • Backup alarm and lights
    • Rear door vandal and interlock system
    • Two-step passenger entrance with 24" grab rail


    • All seats meet FMVSS 222 occupant protection standard
    • Bench seat with option of lap or three-point harness or integrated child restraint system
    • Latch available for child seat hookup







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    • Single rear wheel
    • Up to 18 passengers
    • GM Chevrolet Express or GMC Savanna
    • Wheel base length 139"
    • 4.8L gas engine
    • 35-gallon fuel tank
    • AM/FM/CD stereo system
    • Dark gray marble vinyl flooring
    • Three-year/36,000 mile chassis bumper-to-bumper warranty
    • Five-year/100,000 mile power train warranty
    • Five-year limited body paint warranty



  • Comfort
    • External driver's step
    • Electrical entrance door
  • Safety
    • Rearview backup camera
    • Heated mirrors
    • Push-out windows
    • Roof hatch
    • LED brake light
    • Child reminder system
  • Value
    • Fuel-fill protection
    • Catalytic converter guard
    • Fuel filler door with lock
  • Convenience
    • Electrical manual reset breakers
    • Book racks
    • Rear mudflaps
    • Rear storage
    • Spare tire carrier
  • Exterior graphics
    • Logos and messaging







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