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R829 Series Solar School Zone Flashing Beacons

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Improves Safety 
  • Research shows flashing beacons decrease vehicle speeds by five to seven miles per hour in school zones 
  • Improves driver awareness by increasing sign visibility 

Reliability Assured 
  • Core energy management system ensures operation; even during periods of cloud cover 
  • Turn-key system custom configured for optimum performance based on location, solar insolation and desired operation 
  • Safe from vandalism and extreme weather 

Cost-Effective Solution 
  • No trenching, wiring or digging required 
  • “Plug-and-play” installation for reduced disruption to traffic 
  • Cabinet-free, sturdy design inhibits vandalism 
  • Zero operational costs 

Easy Installation and Operation 
  • Controlled via a Windows-based calendar software program capable of turning systems on and off several times per day 
  • Pre-set for up to 500 days of operation, based on school calendar 
  • Beacon schedule easily copied to multiple beacons 
  • Installs to existing sign posts within thirty minutes 
  • Easy to relocate and repurpose to other locations 
  • Thousands of installations in the field
  • Carmanah solar LED lights have become the benchmark in traffic applications worldwide